Red List

    • Let's face it.
      Rune Midgard is a hunt or be hunt server.
      There are no rules stating that players should not try to kill each other after reaching level 70 onwards.

      That is why I made this thread.

      IF YOU DIED we want to know if it was by the hands of a player. ?(
      And if it is, then we want to know the possible motive behind it. :D

      That way the community will be aware that this *pardonfortheword* bastard dirtied his hands with your blood. :thumbup:

      Oh and of course no one is saying that because he murdered you means we'll avenge you. ^^
      We just want to hear your story. :P

      Avenging. Hunting. Preying. Befriending.

      Is totally your decision as members of the community.
      Up to date 4/25/16 no one has been killed by the hands of a fellow player.

      So to start just reply to this thread with your post containing:
      • Your character's name.
      • Your job and Lvl/Jlvl.
      • Last safe zone in.
      • Place of murder.
      • Name of the bastard that murdered you.
      • Approximate time it happened.
      • Self-assumed possible motives.
      • Your message to the community about what has befallen you.

      Display Spoiler

      My character Natielle, Lord Knight 74/31 was murdered by Raily for reasons unknown.
      Around 5:00AM GMT+8 I was in prontera, when I left the town(bottom portal to field) little did I know Raily was lying in wait outside the town walls.
      As soon as she saw me she used her GM powers to kill me using a bomb-like-explosive skill.

      I pleaded for my life as the 10 second timer of death ran.
      But then she acted oblivious and warped away like it never happened.
      I died knowing nothing.

      I presume she was jealous of my beauty and that's why she wanted me dead. lol.
      Raily must be killed, please avenge my death. :(

      `Peace Raily :D