2 random, 1 big bug

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    • 2 random, 1 big bug

      Okeeeey, let's start from the small ones:
      1) I have no idea why, but my patcher doesn't work properly. It does what it should, updating fine, but when i am pressing start button, patcher is being closed, and nothing else is happening. I can run game normally via .exe file.

      2) Annouce bug? Actuall drop rate based on "1st week" is 10/10/3. @mi shows x4 (0.04% for card) and annoucemants says it's 0.02%. Is it bug or is it as it should be?

      3) The big one. I have noticed that each mob always give 100%, and it is not basing on character's lvl. Renemes (or whatever was his nick ;/) also said that it's pre-re overall stats. Not sure if it was supposed to be this way, or it's actuall bug, but i think that you should take a look at it, as tomorrow beta-test will end.

      That's it, Have a good day :)