The Secrets of Death

    • The Secrets of Death

      The Secrets of Death
      "A Rune Midgard myth"

      So since most of us don't know what happens to us when we die in real life(lol),
      we should at least find out what happens to us when we die in Rune Midgard.

      When you die
      • You enter the death state and are given 10 seconds to be revived. If you don't get revived by then you will enter the permadeath state; here you will be disconnected and your character will look like it got deleted(but it wasn't).

      The Myth
      • As informed by Raily and confirmed by rest of the community after the April 29 update during the public release of Rune Midgard fresh from Beta, an NPC that can help revive your character from the dead has been added.
      Introducing this bastard.

      Wandering Fighter
      Prontera (183,169)

      It is assumed that this NPC can bring back the dead, but all he does is confuse us with his stupid story.
      Display Spoiler

      [Wandering Fighter]
      Haaaa. I was married once. But she... She died a few times ago. She fight for a long time, but felt against multiples ennemies. ..I would pay anything to get her back...
      I'm sorry. I know this feeling. I've lost a bunch of friends too.

      Dialogue does not increase anymore.

      With 8-10 10 Apples in inventory the dialogue increases.
      [Wandering Fighter]
      You know, there's a rumor that starts to spread a while ago. A ghost may be bound to this stone. If you pay him what he's waiting, he'll be able to raise somebody from the dead, as long as his/her name is engraved in the stone.
      [Wandering Fighter]
      I've been looking for something he may like for a rpetty long time now. But the only thing I've been able to find is that he likes... Apples... A ghost who like apples... What a joke.

      This must be a dead end...
      Apples hu? I may investigate a bit more about that...
      [Wandering Fghter]

      Well... Good luck to you then.
      Doesn't bother yourself looking other Porings and other monsters.
      I've already done everything I could. I was about to go search on Poring Heaven. There was supposed to hide something there. But... I'm a bit desesperated...


      Part 1: Shinigamis are actually Porings in disguise
      • When you have 8-10 10 apples in your inventory the dialogue of the Wandering Fighter NPC increases. Dialogue does not increase anymore.
      • The part 1 of the quest is referenced from the anime Death Note.
      • Acquiring Death Note[2] A.K.A. Ledger of Death[2] 150 apples and having it in your inventory while talking to Wandering Fighter then the Gravestone triggers an event where a Shinigami NPC appears

      Display Spoiler

      I can smell it... You got it don't you?

      I can smell the smelly smell of Apples.
      I got some, yes Do you want it?
      Don't think I'm some kind of pet.

      I'm a powerful Death God.
      Keeping the Soul for Hel before sending them to Helheim.
      Want me to take yours too?

      Well... I'll guess I'll have to keep these apples then.

      What a shame.. they'll rot..[Shinigami]
      You... You won't dare! Allright, Allright. Stay Calm.
      Give them to me, okay?

      Yes - No

      If No

      Nah I'll prefer to keep them for me.

      If Yes
      You lose the apples.

      Sure. So that's true. Gods love apples...
      Not all of them. Just me.

      I'll eat it entirely. Skin, juice, even the seeds.
      I like apples, more than anything.

      Then I guess I can buy you a soul for some apples, right?
      No. That's not that simple.

      There's aw ay though.
      Did you ever heard of Golden Apple?
      They're lost powerful items which can be used to call back a soul from my stomach.

      You.. Your stomach?
      Well yes... How do you think I can handle hundreds of souls at once?

      That's why i should eat these items to let a soul escape.
      And... where can I find them?
      You cannot "find" them.

      Idlunn is keeper of these things.
      She won't let them escape this easily.
      Find a way to convince her, and she'll may give one to you.


      Part 2: Idunn want to die yet!
      • The part 2 of the quest is referenced on Norse mythology; based on Idunn's story.
      • After finishing part 1 of the quest head over to Poring Island (pay_fild04) and DO NOT kill anything on the way.
      • Once you're there head over to the Altar; upper-right-most part of the map (the small island with wooden logs in it, yes that's the Altar).
      • After entering the Altar's area a message will pop up, something about spilling blood, and you'll notice that there's a Marin walking around (this guy never leaves the Altar), kill him.
      • A Statue NPC(which is believed to be Idunn's Stone) and a message will pop up about blood and shit, talk to the NPC and he'll introduce you to a vague description of the Challenge.
      • In the Idunn Stone [Challenge] the player will be asked to run around the map and pass by certain points where clones of Idunn lie await.
      • Once the player passes by the clone, the chat message below will pop up and 3 Waste Stove monsters will spawn, you have to kill these monsters before advancing to the next clone as pinpointed in the map.
      Display Spoiler

      Who are you? How did you find me?


      • Once a certain number of clone-pass-waste-stove-kills have been completed an announcement will pop out saying you have completed the challenge. Now it's time to find the real Idunn and do the riddle.
      • The real Iddun is located at pay_fild04 (156,100)

      • Seems like when you talk to Idunn without the proper requirements or following the proper quest format you fail the quest.

      • Once you've done everything correctly up til this part, then it should be safe to talk to Idunn (the real one) now without failing the quest.
      • Idunn will talk about his life and how it's difficult to entrust someone with the Golden Apple, so he'll start asking you questions which you should answer correctly. (The questions are based on Norse Mythology)
      • If you've answered everything correctly Idunn will reward you with the Golden Apple and ask you to get the fuck lost(do just that).
      Part 3: Ogo no Ringo
      • We have no clue what to do with the fucking golden apple.

      Latest Lead
      "We now have the Golden Apple, now what. LOL"

      Display Spoiler

      Thanks to Haseo, Reneson, Nash, Raily, Pugglebum, DeeLux, IGotAVeryLongNaaaaaaaame, Balance, Fire, Axxelerator, BARTONE,Anne.

      If you know or found out something about the quest
      please reply and share here in this thread.
      Thank you

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    • blackie wrote:

      iddun was not there anymore? is is relocated? or is it appear at anywhere?

      Now the wondering fighter no more suggesting the poring heaven. is it possible for the iddun is in prontera??

      I haven't checked yet but maybe you didn't follow the quest format?

      blackie wrote:

      for shinigami to appears no need book of death or whatsover.. you just need to click the stone until the shinigami appears.
      Really? Did it happen to you? :0