Server in Danger?

    • Well, from Staff side the server is completely fine. There are no intensions on stopping or giving up at all, Sure the population is dropping, but that is only because there are no new people comming. Since we announced the Server we had over 300+ Registered accounts, in the end only 17 came to the BETA and only 7 to the official Launch. As for what we do against it... We continue as we do right now, as the Staff cannot do much about the population exept what we already do (This includes a lot of Promotion). What the server needs is a dedicated Community that does bring reviews to different forums, to players they know and so on (the so called Snowball-Effect).

    • So what I am assuming by what you're saying is, that the staff will just remain oblivious of the fact that the server is slowly dying.

      And I don't really know why the blame should go to the community.
      The community is composed of a wide variety of players; from people who actually care and people who don't. We can only do so little, being careless won't do you any good.
      PR is handled by the staff. We know nothing of the server population's circumstances until we actually feel the effects hitting us. (and that's not a good sign imo)

      The Facebook page is highly deserted. Only a few posts(and the posts themselves not that appealing) every now and then.
      The forum announcements are not that much organized with respect to the patch notes and recent maintenances.

      The server shows promise but we don't want it to die. At least, the select few players; left playing in the server at the moment, doesn't.

      We hope a solution to this problem will arrive.
      I speak in behalf of all the remaining players and/or inhabitants of Rune Midgard.

      Save the server.

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    • Thats exactly what i wanted to hear, sorry for pushing out such a hard Test, obviously we are corrently a bit slow with Promotion because we have noone to do said thing, we are a three man DEV team who are all occupied with development and such, thats why i posted an Recruitment for that. As for the Promotion before we find one, i will obviously double my own Time for that kind of stuff and slow down the Development part.

      Again, sorry for the harsh way of Testing if the community is even intrested.

    • Let's be honest about what Raily said: the hardest part on handling a Ragnarok Server has always been to keep an active community on low population.
      This means that while the community is low, new players doesn't come. And if new players doesn't come, the community stay low, and older players leave. That's a self eating tail snake (sorry that's a french expression, dunno if there's an equivalent in english. It means it's a never-ending circle).

      As far as possible, Raily will endure the promotion part, while we're going to handle the whole developement. But still, if you players know anybody which may be interested into joining, invite them. Talk to all your friends you know play or played to Ragnarok, and bring them.

      The first and long time players may also try all they can to bring new players to the server, and not only rely on the staff for this.