Announcement Server changes?

    • Server changes?

      Which option should we consider? 7
        Change to MidRate (~25x to ~30x) (2) 29%
        Change to Floating Rates - Vote bound (1) 14%
        Change to Floating Rates - Quests bound (0) 0%
        Other proposition (4) 57%
      Hello dear players!

      I'm starting a new poll today to ask you your opinion about some evolution the server may encounter to bring more players to join.
      We know the main feature, the PermaDeath, may frightened some players to join, especially as we're running on a low rates.
      Therefor, we'd like to have your opinion about some rates changes. Here are the choice we can use:

      -Change to Middle Rates (~25x to ~30x)
      -Change to Floating Rates (depending on vote? or on quests?)

      So feel free to post your opinion on this thread, about these choice or others you may think better, as long as you defend your opinion with valid arguments.

      Keep in mind that other contents (on top of quest line and resurrection quest) will be added (instances for example).

      Thanks for your support.
    • Mid rate on perma-death really won't fit in my opinion.

      The thrill of grinding to level 70 is the best there is.
      And trying to overcome level 70 to peak up to Level 99 then rebirth (if the player plans to).
      Then repeating the second sentence of this post all over again before proceeding to the 175 goal.

      Makes it even more interesting.

      Grinding makes it thrilling.

      Not really sure how quest bound floating rates are...
      Maybe remove the renewal exp-level penalty?
    • A 15x/15x/10x rate would be good.. That way we can at least farm proper equips while grinding.. Lack of proper equips makes players lose interest and such (Eden Equip isn't really good enough.. ).. And please make DEX affect skill cast time.. So far It's not enabled here. I tried playing to other server with low rates also and I make a same build char there with my char here.. It has a big difference. So i presumed Dex reduction for casting is disabled here.. And yes I agree with Azalenth to disable that Renewal exp-level penalty.. Some places aren't really safe to go grind.. This is permadeath server, so players tend to stick in a place where grinding is far far more safer. Like what I did before.. Orc Zombie till 98 Trans and you shifted to Renewal XP. I'm forced to go unsafe places because leveling there won't do good anymore.
      I'm not Evil.. Just Misunderstood!
    • Well the dex does affect the cast time. But in renewal, the cast is splitted in two: the variable and the fixed. The dex only affects the variable, the fixed can only be reduced by a few equipement and skills (ie: Sacrament)

      For the exp part, that's mostly the id. The aim is to "force" players to team up to go to more rewarding places. I can understand that being low population make it difficult thought, but that's one of the base logic bound to the permadeath features: bring back the teamplay
    • I don't think anyone has a major issue with the exp rates, but the availability of drops effects the server as a whole rather than the the experience of one player and the amount of time they spend grinding and not having fun. To have the same kind of availability of items and therefor different strategies and what constitutes gameplay and mercantile metagaming, we need to have a drop rate that is adjusted based on the average population on a server the rates were actually designed for and the actual population of our own server.

      To start with I think anything between 1x and 10x is fine for xp, but drop should be at least 30x or more; adjusted to preference by votes as the server grows, and reduced gradually as population increases.

      A slow, risky grind, with a high chance of reward.