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Here you can see what we are doing and how far we got to release a new Script, function or even a new Website feature!

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permadeath mechanics
If you die, you will have 10 seconds to be resurrected before your character will be terminated. If you do not get resurrected in this time frame, you will have to be brought back to midgard in other ways.
Server information
Our Server is running on Renewal and has the rates of 10x Base EXP 10x Job EXP and 5x Droprate! We feature the fully working Doram Class.
Episodic Storyline
Are you ready for the journey you have never experienced before on Ragnarok Online? Look no further! We have been hard at work to bring you a brand new exciting experience to Ragnarok Online. You, the players will have a tough task ahead. Ragnarok is coming evidently closer to Rune Midgard. The Nörns ask players to prevent the Ragnarok, To do that, players shall seal the Gods and their Foes, the Lokis Army.

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